Build, deploy and scale. Any language or runtime.

Extensible application platform based on Docker

Lighter and faster than virtual machines

Your applications are running on Docker, a lightweight container engine that allows you to deploy and scale your applications with ease.

Manages deployments and application health

Kubernetes is an open-source system developed by Google, bringing more than 15 years of experience running production workloads.

Manages the development lifecycle

OpenShift is the application platform layer that lets you build, deliver and scale your applications in the cloud, in any language or runtime.

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Running containers on PodSpace

Manage Docker containers

Deploy containers with a few clicks on the web console.

Manual or automatic scaling with built-in load balancing.

Customizable health checks make your applications self-healing.

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Building containerized applications

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Continuous Delivery on PodSpace

Create Delivery Pipelines

Create multiple staging environments for your applications.

Orchestrate the building, testing and deploying of your application over many environments.

Use rolling upgrades and A/B deployments for zero downtime deployments.

Plans and Pricing

Common features:

  • Private Docker registry
  • Unlimited Docker instances
  • Self-healing applications
  • Automated builds and deployments
  • Manual- or auto-scaling
  • Multiple staging environments
  • Zero downtime rollouts
  • AB and Blue Green deployments
  • Support for delivery pipelines
Try our Platform-as-a-Service solution based on Docker:

Build, deploy and scale your applications in the cloud

Just getting started with Docker? Or need an enterprise grade container orchestration platform? We got you covered:

  • Our On-Demand public cloud is ideal for quickly deploying and containerizing applications in the cloud.
  • No setup necessary. Cost-effective pricing model: we do not charge hourly fees for unconsumed resources.
  • PodSpace Dedicated is a hosted and managed Docker cloud, dedicated to your users and your applications.
  • With PodSpace On-Premise, you can run our orchestration stack right in your own datacenter.

On Demand

Register now and have your application running in the cloud in minutes.

Resource Usage Costs: More info
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1GB Memory €{{ plans[0] | priceOf:'MEMORY' }} per hour
1GB Persistent Storage €{{ plans[0] | priceOf:'PVC' }} per month
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Your own private cloud platform, hosted and managed by our team.

  • Open Source Our cloud solution is built on industry leading open-source technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.
  • Isolated Platform Your private cloud will only contain your users, applications and services.
  • Hosted by PodSpace The infrastructure will be running in our servers, hosted in a secure datacenter in Europe.
  • Operated by our staff Our cloud platform engineers continuously monitor the overall health of your infrastructure.
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On Premise

Private cloud platform in your datacenter, managed by our team.

  • Your hardware, your datacenter Managed private container orchestration and PaaS cloud running inside your datacenter.
  • Operated by our staff Our cloud platform engineers continuously monitor the overall health of your infrastructure.
  • Excellent support and consulting With our optional consultancy services all our experience and knowledge is at your reach.
  • Integrated with your IT Connect with your existing build or cloud management, or use your existing user authentication system.
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Benefits of PodSpace

Open Platform, Open APIs

We believe in providing the best service based on open source technologies, open standards and open APIs, as opposed of using a proprietary software stack which inhibit the portability of cloud applications. There is no risk of vendor lock-in with PodSpace. #docker, #kubernetes, #openshift

Multi-purpose cloud platform

PodSpace combines the features of a Container as a Service cloud with those of a Platform as a Service solution. Next to state of the art container management capabilites, PodSpace also provides advanced building and application delivery capabilities. From simply hosting containers to orchestrating continuous delivery pipelines, we've got it covered. #pipelines, #jenkins, #s2i, #continuousdelivery, #microservices

Adaptive Pricing

Our adaptive pricing strategy is perfect for growing businesses for whom cost effectiveness and on demand scalability is of key importance. Adaptive pricing ensures that you only pay for the compute resources that you have actually consumed. PodSpace is the affordable alternative for individuals or growing companies. #costeffective, #fairpricing, #bestvalue

Stellar Support

Should you face problems while migrating your application to Docker, need architectural level consultation, or just have a question about using our services: we're here to help. We strongly believe that having an unparalleled support service is key for complete customer satisfaction. PodSpace customers receive the highest quality technical support. #consultation, #dedicated, #24x7

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