How can I push images to my private PodSpace Docker registry?

To access the PodSpace registry with docker, you need to authenticate with a PodSpace authentication token. To retrieve the authentication token, you first need to log in to PodSpace either on the web console, or with the psc command line client.

Get the authentication token from the web console
  1. Sign in to the web console.

  2. Click on the "?" icon in the upper right corner, and select Command Line Tools

  3. Click on …​click to show token…​

Get the authentication token with psc
  1. Log in using psc login

  2. Get the token by entering psc whoami -t

After you have got the token, you need to authenticate with docker:

$ docker login -u <email> -p <token>
Login Succeeded

Then you can start pushing and pulling images. For example, to pull the image tagged v1.0 from the ImageStream hello under the project helloproject, you would write:

$ docker pull

How much storage space is provided for my private Docker registry?

It depends on which plan are you subscribed to:

Plan Registry Storage


1 GB


2 GB


5 GB

The registry quota is not a hard limit, you are able to cross the limit and push more images into the registry than the quota allows. In this case, you will be billed an extra amount of €0.5 / GB / month.