Develop and run your apps in the cloud

Based on OpenShift and Kubernetes, and Docker.

PodSpace enables you to build cloud native, microservice based applications, or to streamline the migration of your existing infrastructure to Docker by giving you all the tools you need in one place.


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Learning tracks

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Running Docker Containers

We provide a private Docker registry for your images, and a large set of integrated management and monitoring tools that make running and scaling containerised applications easy as a pie.

Building containerized apps

Just connect PodSpace with your Git repository, and it will build Docker images directly from your applications source code. Choose from readily available base images for various programming languages and runtime environments, or craft your own base image.

DevOps automation

Automate every step of your application delivery process, orchestrate deploying and testing over various stages and environments. PodSpace enables you to create continuous delivery pipelines at the same level as your builds and deployments are defined.

Downloads & manuals

Reference manuals

Our platform is based on Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift Origin V3, which are all proven and reliable open source technologies, and together enable creating modern applications, based on microservices and cloud native architecture.

For in-depth technical reference about the PodSpace platform, refer to the reference documentation of our core infrastructure components:

Note that the PodSpace command line management tool psc has similar options and parameters as oc in OpenShift, and kubectl in Kubernetes.


We have a command line based management tool, that enables you to remotely control all aspects of your PodSpace deployment. You can use it to easily integrate any external tool with PodSpace, to manage and automate your deployments.

Download the latest release of our psc remote cloud management tool:

psc version 1.5.1: Linux 64bit macOS 64bit Windows 64bit

Using the client

To start using psc, download and unpack it into your PATH, then enter the following to log in:

$ psc login  \
    --username=<my email> \
    --password=<my password>